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july 2, 1914

The four columns at the two main entrances to Central Park have been erected, and they constitute a real addition to the place. The electric light globes have not yet been placed on them, nor has the railing been fixed permanently. The ladies of the Thimble Club planned and paid for this improvement.

Some geezer sent in a report to the daily papers the first of the week to the effect that there was a nine-inch rain here and that the rivers were all out of their banks and washing the crops away.

Somebody is a Cheerful One. There was a nice rain Sunday night — a little over an inch —and something less than an inch on Tuesday. About that much over the county generally — just enough.

It was not enough to raise the streams to any extent. There was a little wind on Sunday night, but inconsiderable damage was done.

Don’t forget that an egg demonstration special car will be here Friday afternoon next week at the Santa Fe station. An expert from the Department of Agriculture and one from the State Agricultural College will be present to discuss various questions pertaining to poultry raising, egg handling, and marketing.

The sugar mill dam sprang a leak the last of the week, and the water at the park was lowered a foot or so.

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