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dec. 13, 1878

The courthouse case comes before the Supreme Court next Friday.

Christmas is nearly here, and we will have to scratch around and get a pair of socks to hang up.

Mr. Comstock, whose lime we have been complimenting, lives one-half mile east of Marion Centre at the Rogers place.

Mrs. Ed. Spaugh had an ankle dislocated several days ago by the falling of a bed upon the side of which she was sitting.

The equanimity of butcher Schmidt’s proverbially placid disposition was temporarily riffled the other day by the discovery that mice had entirely destroyed $20 bill for him.

Mr. Doster won a very important suit in the U.S. circuit court at Topeka last week. It was a case concerning his father-in-law’s life insurance policy, amounting to over $5,000, payment of which the company was endeavoring to avoid. But the company will now have to come down.

The Good Templars have inaugurated weekly mite societies. They meet at their hall, have a good social time, and accumulate money for the “good of the order.”

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