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Outfitter finds perfect niche in Hillsboro

Staff writer

Matthew Newton, a native of North Carolina, found a just-right place for his outfitting business in Hillsboro.

Newton formerly worked for a different outfitter, based out of North Carolina. It had him doing outfitting throughout many states.

During a Kansas outfitting trip, he met his wife, Katelyn, head athletic trainer at Tabor College.

Four years ago, after eight years of working, on and off, in Kansas, his desire to be closer to Katelyn nudged Matthew to settle in Hillsboro. The couple now have an infant boy named Hunter.

They bought a house on Cedar St. and converted an outbuilding into a two-story hunting lodge. His customers, who come from several states, can stay there during their hunting forays.

He guides hunters looking for deer, waterfowl, and turkeys.

Newton said hunts are booked two to three years out.

For deer hunters, he ordinarily guides four hunters in areas near Durham and Peabody.

“I try to keep it pretty concentrated,” he said.

For waterfowl and turkeys, he’ll book as many as six hunters at a time, but personally take two hunters and hire someone else to take the others. They will range as far as an hour’s drive out, he said.

He also does live trapping for varmints that take up residence on people’s property.

His love of hunting goes back to when he was a baby. His father was an avid hunter who shared his love of hunting with Matthew.

Matthew’s baby photos were of him wearing hunting camouflage, and his youngster photos were of him posed “skinning out” stuffed animals.

“From the age of 5, I wanted to hunt for a living,” he said. “This is something I’ve always enjoyed.”

Although he does mowing during summer months, he works full-time as an outfitter from September through February.

He can be reached at (919) 353-0628 or by email at

Last modified June 20, 2024